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  • “Tip TV has a successful track record for bringing interviews with founders, CEOs and successful investors to an audience consisting of City professionals and private investors. The Master Investor Show does exactly the same, but in a real-life setting and with the ability to actually shake peoples’ hands. It was a natural choice to join forces.”

    Master Investor’s growth strategy involves partnering with companies that share similar mission values. Tip TV’s reach, via its live streaming service, is a natural extension to Master Investor’s UK-wide online distribution.

  • The keystone raison d’etre of Tip TV is to help our viewers to become better traders and investors through transparent and informative analysis, research, access and insight. It is for this reason that we are delighted to partner with Master Investor, who over the past 14 years have consistently been a leading light in the field”.

    Tip TV’s reporting team will record ad-hoc delegate interviews and film a VIP-zone panel Q&A featuring star guest speakers. Coverage will be streamed on Tip TV.

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    As part of the wider partnership, Master Investor will regularly provide TIP TV with in-house contributors for live interviews and jointly develop segments for Master Investor’s monthly e-magazine.

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