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  • I had no idea Toddler Radio was on Pandora either! I may have to look that up the next time I babysit. My daughters will enjoy the music too I bet!

    Today as we were looking for music on my iPhone to dance to, I came across a few stations that I had never seen before. I was surprised to see that there was one station called ! I had searched for something similar a few months ago when I discovered how much she loved music but I had not seen this until today. I put it on and the very first song that came on was the from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is her FAVORITE cartoon at the moment. I had no idea on Pandora existed. They play alot of Disney movie tunes, Sesame Street, ABC, 123 songs and nursery rhymes. Alot of the songs we listened to today were sung by children which I think is what appealed to her the most. If we go anywhere, the minute she hears kids talking or laughing her eyes start looking around for the kids, and no matter what they are saying or doing, she finds them hilariously entertaining. So needless to say, we will be making the Toddler Radio station on Pandora a favorite.

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