Folding toddler swing with easy clean fabric seat

Baby Infant Swing to Toddler Swing - Baby Outdoor Toy Available in Red, Eggshell, or Blue. $50.00, via Etsy.

Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing 1-Pack (Turquoise)

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  • With the Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Swing, suitable for infants and toddlers aged 6-36 months, you can swing your precious bundle with peace of mind. This outdoor swing features a dual restraint system with a three point harness and tray to keep them secure. The tray lifts up out of the way making it easy to lift your child in or out. As friendly for parents to use as it is for kids.

    This High Back Full Bucket Toddler Infant Swing is very popular with parents because the child is perfectly balanced in the swing. There is no worries of the child flipping forward. He or she can be pushed really hight without any concerns of falling out.

  • : The Caterpillar Swing for Two held two children; however, by attaching two Infant to Toddler Swings next to each other on a , toddlers will still be able to swing next to one another while being able to enjoy a comfortable swing all to themselves.

    This Step2 infant and toddler outdoor swing is made very well. I like that the seat is a bit lower in the back so it forces your child to sit back, rather than lean forward. (I read some reviews where children were able to tip over other swings by leaning forward. This is very scary. I feel safe with this Step2 since they can't lean forward in it.

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    The is a very durable high quality swing that will keep your infant comfy yet safe while swinging. The toddler swing comes with a three point harness which makes it super safe for baby. I like the fact that it is really easy for parents to easily put the child in the swing and then take them out.

Infant to Toddler Swing Sets, Baby to Kids Swings - Step2

At almost two years old, MillerBug has two loves in his life; swings and trains. Ever since the first time we placed him in a swing, he has loved the freedom and feel that comes from whooshing back and forth through the breeze. But since he discovered Thomas the Tank Engine, his swinging time has become less and less because he just can’t seem to put down the trains to make time for his swing! So, I was more than thrilled when I saw that had created a way for me to mesh his two loves into one fun filled activity with (drum roll please) the Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Swing!