When can we start using Tooth Tissues?

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Tooth Tissues Dental Wipes for Toddler/Baby, 30 Count

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  • Conveniently packaged with 30 bamboo wipes in a soft resealable pouch, Tooth Tissues are easy to use and help prevent tooth decay and establish good hygiene habits at a young age.

    Invented by two dentists for their kids, Tooth Tissues are perfect for busy new parents eager to get their child off to a healthy start.

  • Tooth Tissues can be used exclusively to clean a baby's mouth/teeth until their back molars arrive, which is on average 16 months. So, if you count your baby's teeth... and there are only the front 6 on the top and bottom, the Tooth Tissues will still serve you well by themselves.

    When the primary molars are in, a toothbrush should be the primary form of oral hygiene especially at night. However, with that said, in both our dental offices, we hand out samples for babies, children and adults alike because there are many times you will not have a toothbrush handy and the xylitol in the wipes and the physical removal of plaque will help prevent tooth decay. Tooth Tissues can be used after juice or snack when you are on the go.

    Tooth Tissues 30ct
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  • Tooth Tissues 100ct single packs
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    Tooth Tissues has obtained the distinction of being certified natural by the N.P.A. (Natural Products Association). The ‘wipes’ are all bamboo and the color of the wipes is an "oatmeal" color.

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I recently purchased some Tooth Tissues from you, i cant wait to use them on my little one. He is 8 months and already has 6 teeth so i want to get him used to cleaning his teeth as soon as possible. Thank you again and l'll be looking to purchase one of those Baby Tooth Albums and Baby Tooth Flap Book very soon, they look SO cute.