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Baby Bandana Bibs- Ultra Absorbent Organic Cotton Drool Bib/Teething Bibs With Adjustable Snaps, 5-Pack Unisex Drooling Bibs Burp Cloths, Unique Baby Gifts Set for Boys or Girls

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  • I’ve received many requests since my sister-in-law, Emily, and her husband, Dave, welcomed baby Grace into our family this past May for Emily’s Top Baby Items. I asked Emily if she’d be interested in sharing a list of her favorite picks. She not only provided a list with links, but also her own detailed explanation of what she likes about each item! I made a mood board to coordinate with her list so you can see photos of these products. Please note that all of the image sources coordinate with the links posted for each item. The following text is in Emily’s own words. Enjoy!

    You are soon going to welcome the second baby to your family and deciding for the new one is again something that is on your mind. What can be reused and what baby items to buy new. Yes, there are things that you must have saved up from your first baby items like baby shoes, trendy baby clothes, different personalized baby items, yet there are definitely some cool baby gear that is high on your baby shopping list. Check out these top baby items that you should buy when you are making your list of baby items for the second one.

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