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  • PS3 which stands for the Play Station 3 is a video game console which is manufactured by the Sony Computers Entertainment. PS3 was launched in the year 2006 and since then it has been one of the largest selling product of the Sony Computers Entertainment. As per the date received in the year 2012, 70 million PS3 were sold in various corners of the world. For the PS3 lovers we have gathered information about ten such racing games which are likely to be the best available racing video game in the year 2013 for PS3. PS3 has endless number of games which can be played on it and selecting the best one out of it is a herculean task. We have managed to prepare this list according to the user feedback which has been on these following racing games. So here follows our list of the top ten PS3 racing games for the year 2013.

    As this top ten PS3 games of 2007 list demonstrates, the first full year of the PS3 saw not only amazing games, but innovation that we have never seen before in a home console. From The Eye of Judgment bringing collectible trading cards to life, to Uncharted's jaw dropping graphics, which are among the best of any home videogame to date, the PS3 is finally starting to show what being the most technically advanced videogame console ever released means. Which PS3 games from 2007 should you buy?

  • This list which tells us about the top ten best PS3 racing games for the year 2013 starts with the racing game named as the Modnation Racers at the number tenth place. This racing game is one of the best racing games which have been programmed till date. The design and other required function which has been embedded into this game is simply amazing and one will get a feeling as he or she is really going through a racing session once he or she plays this game. If you have been searching for a game that would satisfy your racing experience, then this is the game you should look for. The way you will kart your runs will give you a pleasing feeling. Further the best thing about it is that you can select the customs mode settings convenient as per your requirement and that would make your gaming experience all the way more fun.

The 10 Best PlayStation 3 Games