Tot Tutors Book Rack, Primary Colors

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Tot Tutors Kids' Book Rack, Primary Colors

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  • Book books to Tot Tutors Book Rack:

    Children have a lot of work to do – like playing and discovering the world. Encouraging children to love books is important and the earlier you start reading for your child the better. Having the right book display rack makes it a little easier to ensure that the time can be spent in a playful manner. Organizing the book books to a Tot Tutors Book Rack made it easy for my child to access each shelf and to organize his favorite books. A child can access even the highest shelf. The tot tutors book rack is made of a wood frame and has nylon pockets in bright colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. There is also a pastel version. The primary color in the tot tutors book rack matches the colors of the tot tutors toy organizer. Together these two, makes it easy to provide good kids storage racks and favorite books.

    The great thing about the Tot Tutors Book Rack is that it built for little children, from 3 years of age. The book rack encourages children to organize their favorite books. It could perhaps be room for more books, but you can always store the other books in a basket and let your child change the content in the book rack. Books of varying sizes and thicknesses can be inserted into the pockets. How many books? It depends upon the sixes and the thicknesses of the books, but you can store between 20 -50 books in the book rack.
    The pockets are made of nylon which is easy to clean. Yet fabric pockets do last longer and perhaps look a bit more sophisticated.
    Where to Buy: If you are interested to buy this book books to Tot Tutors Book Rack, here is the Amazon discount link:
    Overall, this product is well worth buying if you are looking for a small book-case where you child can organize his books. Kids storage for toys and books make it easier to enjoy the important aspects in life - like playing and reading stories.

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