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Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

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  • I've bought this toy for my second son. Its one of the best selling baby einstein toys with rave reviews so I had to include it in my list of best toys for 6 month old babies.

    Now, I actually think that both 6 month old girls and boys can play with the following toys but I know people specifically look for toys for 6 month old boys so here are a few examples of some "boy toys" for babies.

  • Many toys featured in this lens have educational value but here are some more ideas or educational toys for 6 month old babies. The Fisher Price laugh and learn range does some good toys for young babies - check out the learning puppy below.

    *Personal Toy Review Within* One of the best toys for 6 months - 2 years old children. This learning toy will keep your baby/toddler engaged and happy!

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