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Skywalker Trampolines Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop, Blue, 12-Feet

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  • Jump plans to start renovating the space in May and complete renovations by September. Features are set to include, “high-performance trampolines along with a foam pit, trampoline dodgeball court, and trampolines with basketball hoops.” A concession area and party rooms are also planned.

    Either of these trampoline with basketball hoop options will work great for anyone of any age who wants to get up off the couch and outside playing. Which will you choose? If not one of these options, keep in mind that there are a lot of other choices in trampoline accessories basketball hoops for you to think about.

  • A trampoline with basketball hoop should be at least 12 to 14 feet in size.

    For safety, I would strongly recommend adding an enclosure net around the trampoline to keep the kids and the ball in.

  • Trampoline basketball is a fun, exciting way to take your game to new heights!

    Surprise your kids with their very own inflatable bouncer or trampoline with basketball hoop.

    Many of us who love to play hoops will never have the thrill of slamming the ball through the goal.

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