Chinese art students have built a Giant Transformers robot.

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    New York's Real Life Transformer Robot


    Artist Peter Kokis, from Brooklyn Robot Works turns everyday items into massive Transformer-like robot costumes. The former hotel security director wows New Yorkers at events with his robot transformers and even builds famous robots, like his Brooklyn Optimus Prime from the Transformers, on commission. Peter said that building his Transformer like robots from household items is a continuing challenge. Despite being made from these items, each Transformer like robot doesn't come cheap. Each Transformer robot costs a few thousand dollars for all the parts.

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  • This is a list of characters from the 2001 anime series . The series focuses on two warring species of Transforming robots from the planet . The series features many unique characters, however new incarnations of characters appear in the series as well, such as , , , , , , , and . In the show, since there were only from 6 to 7 Decepticons, more characters were created in to fill up the ranks in the toyline; however, those characters are not listed here.

    After surviving the transformation to robot form, Prime would then have to walk as a biped. Belote describes what it would take for this to happen: Since traditional semis frequently exceed 30 tons in weight, the final weight of Prime could easily be in the 35 to 40 ton range. Compare this to the world's best "walking" robot, Honda's , which has a total weight of 119 pounds and yet can only walk for about 40 minutes (electrically powered) and at a max speed of less than 2 mph. The weight ratio for ASIMO is 2.3 lbs per inch, compared to the weight ratio of Prime, which would likely exceed 75 to 80 lbs per inch -- a thirty-fold increase.

    Transformers Robot Heroes

  • Introducing Japan's J-deite Quarter
    the new real-life Transformer

    Project J-deite is a collaboration between Brave Robotics and Asratec Corp and has the full approval of Transformers' creator Takara Tomy.

    Japanese engineers have something that children of the 80's are surely longing to have: the 4-foot tall Transformer robot which has the ability to go from robot to sports car. In its vehicle form, the robot can drive up to 6 miles per hour (mph) as a two-seater car with about 1.5 inches of room clearance. In its humanoid form, it can walk at 0.6 mph.

    Source: International Business Times, Science Times

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concept robots: Ben Procter concept Transformers robot art

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