What type of trash truck collects my waste?

A trash truck caught on fire in Greeley on Friday, causing more than $20,000 in damage.

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  • OSHA's investigation revealed that an employee of a waste handling company was fatally injured when operating a rear-loading trash truck. The employee was emptying a dumpster into the back of a rear-loading trash truck (see Figure 1). The process involved backing up to the dumpster such that the trunnion bar of the dumpster contacted the rear of the truck. A wire rope cable was attached to the lifting eye on the dumpster. Then, the dumpster was winched up to a point where the trash began to fall from the dumpster into the truck. While the dumpster was in the elevated position, the employee apparently operated the packer slide and sweep of the truck. When this was done, the load apparently shifted, pushing the bottom of the dumpster away from the truck. When this occurred, the dumpster rotated toward the passenger side of the vehicle, where the employee was standing and operating the controls. The employee was killed when he was caught between the dumpster and the side of the truck. In this case, the locking bars (also called "latch-up mechanisms") had not been utilized to secure the dumpster's trunnion bar.

    In January of 2003 the Concord Area office investigated a fatality that demonstrates the potential hazards of being struck by and/or crushed by a dumpster while the dumpster is being emptied into the back of a rear-loading trash truck. The hazard can materialize in several ways. First, the dumpster can be dislodged during the emptying cycle if the locking bars are not engaged, allowing the dumpster to swing around to the side of the truck. Second, the dumpster can fall if the wire rope fails or if the hook becomes dislodged from the dumpster's lifting eye.

  • Employers and employees should be aware of the potential hazards posed by rear-loading trash trucks, including those related to the dumping cycle.

    The purpose of this Safety and Health Information Bulletin is to inform employers and employees, who use rear-loading trash trucks to empty dumpsters, of the hazards associated with not properly securing the dumpster's trunnion bars and failing to take other safety precautions during the emptying process.

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If we have bi-weekly pick-up for those two bins instead of weekly, that would eliminate 26 weeks worth of trash truck trips which would equate to a savings wear and tear of 18,800 x 26 or 488,800 car trips per year on our residential streets. If there are 20 houses on the street where you live, 488,800 car trips is the equivalent of each home generating traffic going either up or down our street 24,440 times every day. Even if the 9,400 car trips number provided by the consultant is high and bi-weekly loads will be heavier, 25% of this car trip savings would be worth it.