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  • Trees are one of the most importent elements in the game a renewable resource that gives wood which is essiental to any minecrafter.Trees in Minecraft.

    Ancient Trees 1.7.10 is a mod that adds a total of 13 new species of trees in Minecraft. But these trees will not appear in the generation of worlds, since it comes from trees that were once extinct in the world after a cataclysm. To get these trees you will have to look for the sprouts hidden around the world.

  • These are the commonest trees in Minecraft, and the best type for most tree farms. You can plant saplings right next to each other, whereas other types of tree need more space. This makes oaks the only choice for indoors or underground farms.

    I like to use trees to add to the overall look of a house, riverbank or any other building project, but the default trees in minecraft are often not good enough for this purpose. They just look too plain. Well designed trees can drastically change the look of a park or forest, or even a small garden, which is why I’ve designed various tree types for different purposes.

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