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Triple Bunk Beds For Kids Rooms

Twin Triple Bunk Bed by Chelsea Home

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  • Bunk beds are, by definition, great space-savers, especially in the kids’ rooms where they need room to play, study, etc. Usually, two beds are superposed so only one them stays on the floor and takes space. But what if you need three beds in the room? Obviously, you get triple bunk beds. They can feature some really interesting designs.

    If you’re comfortable using tools, wood and everything else required in similar DIY projects, you can make triple bunk beds for your kids yourself. For these particular ones, the supplies needed included 18 carriage bolts and nuts, 2 x 6 boards, 2 x 4 boards, 2 x 3 boards, 3 sheets of plywood, a box of wood screws, gel stain, run-on polyurethane, a table saw, a router, a drill and a power hand sander.{found on }.

  • There are really too many factors to consider in buying triple bunk beds. But first things first—measure the vacant floor area in your room and choose which size bed is the perfect one that meets all your needs. Double bunk bed with a trundle bed can be given much consideration for it broadens the selection that will meet your requirements.

    These are the steps you need to follow when building triple bunk beds: first build the bed framed. Then add the side supports and add the guardrails for the top two beds. This is especially important if you want to . Next, build the ladder. Paint the elements the desired color and install them into the wall. Add the supports and the plywood and that’s all.{found on }.

  • There are also types of triple bunk beds that separate the beds and can be used as stand-alone units. This is great for children who want to utilize the beds independently. With these types, you can give the young children a secured sleeping spot and at the same time, optimize the room space as the children grow and in need of a bigger area for playing and studying. These types of triple bunk beds are ideal for children under six years old who want to sleep in the top bunk right away. You can have an option to separate the beds in but makes sure that the bunkie boards can provide enough support for the bunks while it is utilized as stand-alone units.

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A bunk bed is a fantastic solution for a room with limited space. Bunk beds are characterized by a top bunk and a bottom bed, which allows you to maximize floor space in small rooms. There are many types of bunk beds to choose from – standard, L-shaped, triple bunk beds, loft bunk, etc. Loft beds are great uses of space; they feature a top bunk, and sometimes also have a bottom bed, but the main distinction between bunks and loft is that loft beds have built-in components, such as chests, desks, or shelves.