The True Heroes Soldier Force Rocket Hauler Playset comes with:

That, folks, is what true heroes do.Â

True Heroes Navy Seal Boat

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  • Great product, top comes off and on with ease. Light but sturdy design. My son plays hard with his toys and this truck has suvived rough play. I would reccomend this toy and other True Hero products.

    My 8 and 11 year old son enjoyed putting this toy together and playing with it with their other True Heroes toys. They make up rules and battle each other. Great toys. I highly recommend them.

  • This is an awesome toy for the price. I was surprised by how detailed the boat design was. Make sure to check out you detailed Youtube unboxing and review by searching for: True Heroes Sentinel 1 Navy Seal Boat Review

    This item is a Christmas gift for my 3 yr old nephew, I am 38 yrs old and I am definitely going to buy one for myself. This toy is insane. True Hero's definitely brought its game. Excellent value. Very, Very, Happy.

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True Heroes True Heroes Police Force Playset - Sears

To that end a motorcycle race team was formed in 2012 consisting, as far as practically possible, of injured Service personnel. The team was formed around rider, LCPL Murray Hambro, who was serving with the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment when he was blown up in Afghanistan on 9th December 2010. Murray unfortunately lost both his legs below the knee in the explosion, but is able to ride a motorcycle with artificial legs. His motorcycle has been adapted to replace all the usual foot controls with hand controls mounted on the handlebars. True Heroes Racing is not all about the rider though; the whole team ethos is just as important. So Murray was supported technically by other injured Servicemen, who also had severe life changing injuries affecting limbs, and the team also had one able bodied Serviceman whose role was to assist the injured technicians with the tasks they physically are unable to complete by themselves.