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Love My'' Baby Cloth Diapers,Washable Reusable,Breathable, Adjustable Snap, 6pcs Pack Pocket Cloth Diaper with 1 Inserts Each , 6 Pcs + 6 Inserts (Neutral Color)

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  • Ifthere is one thing that gets a lot of negative feedback about thecloth diapering experience, it is washing cloth diapers. Washablediapersmay seem like a lot of work, but modern designs make washing clothdiapers convenient and easy.

    Theidea of washablediapersgives most parents a squeamish feeling. Many have vivid memories oftheir parents dealing with dirty, stinky prefolds and flat diapersfrom the old days. There were no conveniences to clean washablediapers.Instead, soiled cloth diapers were dunked in the toilet and soaked toget rid of waste. Modern washablediapershave come a long way. These aren’t your mother’s clothdiapers. Kelly's Closet offer modern cloth diapering products. Infact, these modern washablediapersare different, even the most squeamish mom or dad can easily handlewashing them. Modern conveniences make washing simple and hasslefree. You don't have to deal with mess anymore.

    Washing ModernCloth Diapers

    Kelly's Closet makes washing cloth diapersconvenient. They offer many modern cloth diaper products to helpreduce mess and stains. Diaper sprayers, stain lifters anddeodorizers make cleaning washablediapersa breeze. You no longer need to dunk or soak your cloth diapers inthe toilet. Simply use the diaper sprayer to loosen the solid wasteand wash it into the toilet, then throw your soiled cloth diapers inthe washing machine. Use your favorite diaper wash or laundrydetergent and follow the care instructions included with your clothdiapers to make sure they are washed and dried properly.


  • A favorite among celebs like Jennifer Gardner and Jessica Alba, Kushies® offers a complete line of 100% soft cotton reusable cloth diapers for your little one. The “All-In-One” features 6 layers comprised of 100% soft-cotton flannel with an additional absorbent soaker layer inside, and a waterproof shell on the outside. The waterproof shells are available in a variety of fun, colorful designs for both boys and girls. Environmentally-friendly and extremely easy to use, Kushies® Ultra Lite Diapers also feature extended tabs to ensure that the diaper sits snugly on your baby or toddler, and the patented flap can be folded up for boys or down for girls, providing even more absorbency where your child needs it the most. The washable diapers come in sizes through toddler sizes, and for those new to cloth diapering, Kushies® offers a downloadable to help you learn how to care for and use the diapers properly.

    Secondly, this is the only washable diaper that I’ve ever seen with a well designed pocket and liner system. This makes FuzziBunz cloth diapers super easy to wash without getting poop and pee all over your hands. Just open the back pocket and use a sprayer to clean off the surface of the soiled diaper. Then shake the diaper up and down several times over your diaper bin and the soiled liner will fall right out. There’s no need to reach in there and pull out the liner!

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  • s the largest cloth diaper brand on the market, has a lot of unique features that sets it apart from the other brands of washable diapers. There are two different styles of diapers in their product line, the FuzziBunz one size cloth diaper adjusts with snaps to fit any size baby, and the FuzziBunz perfect size cloth diaper which comes in XS-L sizes. The perfect size fits newborns weighing as little as 4 pounds up to toddlers weighing 40 pounds.

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