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Wee Water Babies Baby Doll Assortment

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  • WaterBaby is available in 3 refreshing flavours. With the best interests of health conscious mums-to-be in mind each of our delicious WaterBaby flavours are low calorie and contain only naturally occurring fruit sugars and no artificial flavours at all.

    WaterBaby also contains a unique blend of supporting vitamins & minerals which helps to replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy & breast-feeding.

  • A Water Baby is a commonly accepted term that is often used to describe those that are completely at home in bodies of water. This can include people who love to swim, surf, or dive. Often the term Water Baby can also used for those born in bodies of water. Lots of people who spend hours in the water often refer to themselves as a "Water Baby" despite their age, as it is commonly used to refer to adults as well as children. In surfing, the term water baby often refers to those that have the physical stamina to repeatedly paddle out and ride larger waves. over a prolonged period of time.

    Water helps aid the transportation of nutrients through the blood stream. WaterBaby also provides an extra source of hydration which is beneficial throughout pregnancy & breast-feeding.

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    In the book, for example, Kingsley argues that no person is qualified to say that something that they have never seen (like a human or a water baby) does not exist.

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Water babies are mysterious and dangerous water spirits from the folklore of California and other Western Native Americantribes. Water-babies are said to inhabit springs and sometimes ponds or streams. Water babies usually take the form of beautifulhuman infants (although in some tribes they have fish tails, or appear as reptilian beings that merely make cries resembling human babies.) In many tribal traditions, the cry of a water baby is an omen of death. In others, respondingto a water baby's crying by picking it up results in catastrophe. :