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  • Nintendo's new generation console is nearing its November 19 launch in America and more and more publishers are putting the finishing touches on their launch games. Because we care, IGN Wii has put together a compilation of official Wii box art, as given to us by Nintendo and third party publishers. Although still incomplete -- there are nearly 30 launch window games planned for the holiday -- we've posted the first 12 or so box arts, which should give viewers a very good idea of what to expect going forward.

    The standard Nintendo Wii console box only comes with one set of controllers (one Wii mote controller and one nunchuck controller). This means that only one person can play on the Wii at a time.

  • There seems to be a lot of confusion about what's in the Nintendo Wii box. In particular people are unsure about how many controllers they will get and whether or not Wii sports is included.

    Here are some pics of the wii box displayed at the Nintendo Store in Bogotá. There is also a picture from the box wide open, i like the origami-ipod style from the inside of the box. It is a shame that there were no actual wii inside.

  • #3, I guess I understand, but the screens took awhile to size right, and the bar in the middle took a bit too. And really, when you look at the Wii Play and Wii Sports boxes, that's all the are, and I tried to make my box official looking. But I guess I will take out the board.

IGN Editors discuss Microsoft's backtracking and Wii U box art.

When Nintendo’s new console launches in two months, the company will also release Wii U branded Wiimote controllers. The new console is fully backwards compatible with the older Wiimote and Nun-chuck controllers. But to appeal to new Wii U buyers who haven’t tried the original console, Nintendo has re-branded the Wiimote boxes to show it as a Wii U accessory.