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Wilton Silicone Soap Molds are made in fun shapes, great for soapmaking projects and those making soap for hobby

Wilton 2105-4909 Easy Flex Heart 24-Cavity Silicone Mold

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  • Bake fun shaped brownies, decorate and add a stick for a unique brownie pop treat! Wilton Silicone Molds are flexible so removing your treats is easy and are safe for freezer, oven (up to 500F/260C), microwave and dishwasher.

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  • Pour the colored cheesecake filling into the heart shaped cavities in your Wilton silicone molds. If you are using 3 heart molds and making 18 cheesecakes, equally divide each color among 3 hearts. The cavities will be a little less than completely full.

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  • Wilton Silicone Soap Molds are made in a variety of fun shapes, and are perfect for soap making projects. The silicone used for these molds are generally an opaque color. We offer a wide variety of seasonal molds that can be used for MP, CP, HP, and CPOP soap making.

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