With skins, WindowBlinds can change the look of:

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  • Enhancing the appearance of Windows can be a really challenging job, especially for power users who usually attempt to change every single part of the operating system. Less experienced users now have a chance to do exactly the same thing without getting too deep into technical stuff thanks to WindowBlinds.

    Users of CCleaner and Thunderbird can benefit from tweaks that prevent header from being cut off and adjust border spacing. If you are using WindowBlinds in conjunction with Opera, problem with screen drawing have been addressed while skin issues with Directory Opus have been fixed apart from with individual skins that will need to be unpdated.

  • Anyone with more than a passing interest in tweaking the look and feel of Windows is likely to be aware of the existence of WindowBlinds. This highly impressive customization tool from Stardock has been updated with added support for transparent scrollbars in Explorer windows in Windows 7 as well as updates to the Start button and changes to higher DPI settings. also includes a number of fixes for bugs and problems that have been discovered.

    Stardock is famous for developing desktop customization tools for Windows various operating systems. Recently, the company unveiled its latest software: WindowBlinds 10, allowing you to customize your Windows 10 desktop however you’d like.

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  • WindowBlinds is a program that allows you to completely change the look and feel of Windows to whatever you want it to look like. It allows you to completely customize your desktop by changing the style of title bars, buttons, and toolbars. You can change the look of buttons and check boxes by assigning them skins, or personalities, and you can assign buttons that will launch programs to toolbars. You can create your own skins, choose from the four that are included in the program, or download additional ones. You can also choose to exclude certain programs from WindowBlinds if you don't want to change their appearances.

    File Size: 50 Mb
    License: Shareware
    Platform: Win7/8
    Developer of : WindowBlinds
    Date of addition: 28 March 2015
    Downloads: 15954

    WindowBlinds 8.10 Download

    Basically, WindowBlinds has the power to change Windows' look completely, including the visual style, the wallpaper, screensavers, sounds, desktop icons and many, many other things.

WindowBlinds: Software from Stardock Corporation

WindowBlinds 5, released in November 2005, extends translucency through per pixel to the entire window frame, including the borders and taskbar.