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wooden pump track - want to build a pump track in the back garden

Wooden Train Track 52 Piece Pack - 100% Compatible with All Major Brands including Thomas Wooden Railway System - By Right Track Toys

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  • Take a look at our collection of wooden train track pieces and layouts for sale in our retail wood train track category. We offer as sets and we offer . We also carry a wide selection of , , and .

    I never thought that vehicles would take over our household, but as Budster’s interest in all things wheeled continues, garages, bridges, tracks and roads spread from wall to wall. This handmade set of wooden road tracks and ramps was among the birthday gifts for our son, to feed his fancy. We threw it together in one evening as a last minute project, and it has featured in a lot of fun.

  • 2. I included the project of wooden ramps into my to-do list, but in the meantime Budster was falling in love with wooden trains and little cities that he could build around it. I made him , and there was a Metro Railway Set waiting for his birthday, as well. Some of the sets I saw in the store had little roads for cars, combining two of his favourites: cars and trains.

    Hand Made Wooden Trains - the best site for making trains compatible with Brio/Wooden Railway track. It even has all the links to the sites that inspired him

    Our wooden train tracks, switch tracks, and train track sets are made in the USA out of solid maple lumber. Many of our Brio and Thomas the Tank Engine compatible train track switches, crosses, and sets have unique and unusual designs that allow children,  parents and grandparent to create fun and educational train track layouts.  Check out our free wooden train track layout plans.

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    Loose Wood Track is a great way to economically expand your Wooden Railway Empire. Consider adding switch style tracks to increase the possibilities of your current Maxim or Thomas Wooden Railway Set, and when adding accessories the adapter tracks are almost a necessity. If your aiming for a full scale overhaul of your layout you will need straights and curves and consider going up with ascending tracks and risers for even more grand adventures. The Maxim Wood Track is made of solid hardwoods, the Maple Landmark track is made in USA of hard rock maple. Both are compatible with Thomas and have a lifetime warranty.

    All of MeskoToys' wooden track pieces are made in Michigan out of maple hardwood and are compatible with most fine wooden train brands including Thomas the Tank Engine, Brio and others. For more information, please visit:

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Perhaps the company most associated with these trains today is the Swedish toymaker BRIO. Generally, toy trains using twin-groove track with approximately 1¼ inches between the outer edges of the track grooves are referred to as being "BRIO compatible". However, this wooden train "genre" was first developed in the mid 1930's by Marshall H Larrabee in the town of Skaneateles NY. There are several websites that now carry the inspirational story of Larrabee's battle with tuberculosis, and his subsequent use of wood-working to occupy the time during his lengthy recovery. (The idea for him to make "small trains" is credited to his wife Elizabeth.)