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  • Unlike most XBox 360 racing wheels, Logitech’s DriveFX does not provide a setup option from which it can be placed on the lap of the racer / gamer. Instead, the wheel has been designed to be firmly installed at the top of a desk or any kind of flat surface through its dual clamps.

    There’s always a first for everything. And for amateur sim racers, the DriveFX by Logitech can be a good choice as the best XBox 360 steering wheel. But for pro gamers particularly in the field of race simulations, there can be a lot of other good choices for an even more functional and more sophisticated racing wheel. Furthermore, an XBox 360 racing game enthusiast must also consider other underlying factors such as price, features, and space, and weigh them in to come up with the best decision possible. Through the help of this XBox 360 steering wheel review, not only that you have made yourself familiar with one of , but on what to expect and what to consider from a good XBox 360 racing wheel.

  • One of the greatest names in the industry of gaming peripherals and can be trusted for the quality and functionality of their products is Logitech. And the company has made its name quite popular in the industry especially when it introduced and models respectively to the public. And what is also considered to be Logitech’s prime creation is the XBox 360 DriveFX Axial Feedback Wheel which has also made its own mark in the field of peripheral games. But is the DriveFX Axial Feedback Wheel the for you? Such a simple question deserves an honest answer and you will surely know even detail by detail as you read on through this XBox 360 steering wheel review.

    Increase your fun with a controller that's designed for precision and comfort. Featuring a variety of styles, each of our Xbox 360 controllers bring something unique to your experience. In addition, get the perfect Xbox 360 racing wheel from Microsoft. Blaze a trail and take your place in the winner's circle thanks to the latest in Xbox 360 racing wheel technology, bringing you more accurate steering and the ability to feel every bump with rumble feedback. Also find for the Kinect Sensor, which allows your whole body to become the controller.

  • Installing the Mad Catz MC2 racing wheel for Xbox 360/PC is not difficult at all. It'll be instantly recognized as a compatible Xbox 360 wheel or a gaming wheel set on your Xbox 360 or your Windows PC. No calibration is necessary you are good to go in about a minute. The 270-degree rotation is enough for arcades like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Burnout Paradise (in particular riding the sport bikes there), while the actual steering could have been more precise. In Race Driver: Grid, the sim racing Forza Motorsport-series and TDU2 you will lack the preciseness and the sturdy feel the similar-priced up-to-date rivalry steering wheels for Xbox 360 can provide you with. Especially in sim racing accurateness is crucial. It will be vastly improved with an adequate long-wearing gaming seat and a better-functional, allowing more fine-tune settings wheel set - like the metal frame chassis plus the Manettino dial Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia wheel. A further argument to support this can be that the MC2 Xbox 360/PC's wheel unit is hardly wide-enough to be positioned in the lap of a standard-size grown man. The integrated suction caps are handy and work ideally, yet you'd hardly want to mount your vibration simulator steering wheel controller on your coffee table if you're to extensively play sim racers and arcades. Switching gears is optimized by the tiny paddles' adequate response. Just like some other details you just need some time to get used to and you'll soon start gaining better scores than with any type of gamepad or a keyboard. The rubber stopper feet of pedals clamping mechanism do need some creativity on your side, to fix them firmly on a carpeted floor. The pedals appear to be robust which is a nice addition to the budget wheel set.

XBox 360 DriveFX Axial Feedback Wheel: An XBox 360 Steering Wheel

Races and the element of competition have been a steady part of man's history since ancient times. In more recent history, whenever speed was needed - faster, purebred horses had to be used. We all remember the glorious horse carriages with dozens of horses, mentioned in many children fairy tales. It hasn't really been until the mid 1930's though, when the migration to actual fast and long distance moving means of transportation happened. From the world's first motorcycle to reach 100mph, the Lawrence of Arabia's fatal fascination (as well as the main reason for crash helmets to be designed and soon made obligatory, saving millions of cyclists' lives), to the Guinness World Record for the highest speed attained by a manned vehicle reached on Apollo 10's return from the Moon flight on May 26, 1969 (some 11.08 km/s or 24,791 mph), competition has always been deep inside us. It is generally the same in the breathtakingly realistic computer and console racing video games (simulators, arcades, etc.) which have only recently reached the peak of their popularity. We'd add - deservedly. As it is. However, if you're not really that tempted of having the top of the pops for your console, among the there's a whole bunch of alternatives for it. Whereas owning a Sony PlayStation 3 makes your selection quite easier, hence there are the Thrustmaster T500 RS steering wheel set and the TH8 RS eight-speed H-pattern and sequential gearbox available (pair it to the and forget about ever paying to use a professional driving simulator anywhere, you'll have it at your own home)). True, steering wheels for PS3 are almost innumerable, licensing is easier/cheaper and Thrustmaster and Logitech compete for every single customer, regardless of his/her age and experience. There are some budget, as well as not that budget Xbox 360 wheel choices from the San Diego-headquartered video game peripherals manufacturer Mad Catz. Mad Catz wheels are less popular than the Thrustmaster wheels, and there's a reason - quality and game title support. Despite of this in the lowest pricing tag one of the common choices younger or less experienced gamers make, the Mad Catz MC2 Xbox 360/PC racing wheel blissfully rests through time. It was the first racing wheel set compatible to the Microsoft Xbox 360, so being the very first certified Xbox 360 steering wheel that you can still acquire, we believe a short test and a summary just need to be present.