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Pro-poly string / Ten (10) Pack of 100% Polyester YoYo String - Neon Green

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  • Yoyo strings wear out and break. It's part of yoyoing. Don't yoyo with a worn or dirty string, because you might send your yoyo flying! You should always have at least 25 replacement strings on hand so that you can switch to a new, clean string before the old one breaks. Clean, new strings work better. Ask any yoyo pro! New to yoyoing? Don't miss our educational .

    If you're new to yo-yoing and not sure how to wind your yo yo, this short video demonstrates how easy it is to quickly wind your new yoyo.

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  • Synthetic materials are a newer introduction in yo-yo string, pioneered by string makers like and . Synthetic materials can be spun, and then have their properties changed by using weak to mild plasticizers. They are however, more expensive due to availability of the string, and the fact that they are generally spun by hand. A great example of synthetic string is by Paul Wallace. Polyester does not make a good yoyo string because it doesnt allow the roll as well as the traditional cotton does.

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