The Original Young Justice Team

Young Justice team

DC Universe Young Justice 4" Figure 2 Pack Set Of 3

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  • The Story: There’s a new menace in Gotham City: a creature so strange – and so versatile – that not even the combined might of the entire Young Justice team can stand against it. Witness the origin of...Clayface!

    Young Justice - The Team. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the Young Justice club tagged: young justice the team robin wally artemis superboy m'gann aqualad.

  • I was born in the League of Shadows, raised to kill. Both my parents were assassins then one day they went on a mission and never came back. After that, Talia took me under her wing and trained me. Soon I was one of the best assassins in the world my newest mission was to act as if I left the League of Shadow and get in the Young Justice Team so that I could destroy them from the inside out. The plan worked, I got into the Team, but as my time there got longer I started to see them as my family.

    There are differences in the line-up of this Young Justice team as compared to the team in the comic series of the same name. and were chosen over and /. Miss Martian was added because the date of her arrival to Earth could still fit in the early DC Universe concept. Aqualad, as opposed to Robin, is established in the beginning as the leader of the team. Furthermore, the Aqualad presented in the show is an entirely new character created by Weisman and Vietti, with Bourassa responsible for the original character design. was replaced by because of the producers' desire to focus on the latter's storylines. Some of the characters' ages are tweaked from those of their original counterparts; however, the spirit and intent of the characters were kept.

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